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Energy Demand Management for Wineries

Announcement (19 November 2018)

SAWIA's Energy Demand Management program helps wineries reduce energy costs

The South Australian Wine Industry Association in partnership with Green Industries SA and productivity and energy efficiency consultancy, 2XE, are launching a new program to help South Australian wineries better manage their energy demand to help reduce costs and boost profitability.

The objective of this project is to help wineries make better decisions for energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. It aims to provide clear explanation of the ways to control the management of winery electrical loads to minimise energy costs.

This project will undertake research into demand management strategies and technologies that are applicable and can be deployed in the wine industry, and then extend this information to the South Australian wine industry through a series of regional industry briefing sessions in December 2018 that will clearly explain the available technologies that can help wineries better manage their energy demand to reduce costs. A recording of a webinar session and the presentation slides can be accessed from here.

One-on-one support to a select number of qualifying wineries (a 25% co-contribution will be required) will be provided by the partner business, 2XE, to conduct site investigations to develop the business case for implementation. These will be documented as case studies for ongoing extension to the wine industry and will be available soon.

Contact Mark Gishen at SAWIA for more information.