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Winery Energy Saver Toolkit Program

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Wineries of all sizes can now more easily identify and assess their opportunities to save energy costs and become more energy efficient by using the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit (WEST).

What is the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit? For a quick overview about the WEST, please watch this short video:


How has the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit helped wineries? To see how wineries have benefitted from energy efficiency improvements, download the case studies here, or watch this short video for one really great example:


How do I get the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit? All the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit materials are available in electronic format here.


How do I use the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit? For a quick outline of how to use the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit, watch this short video:


What's in the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit?

The Winery Energy Saver Toolkit (WEST) contains step-by-step procedures, templates and supporting resources to help SME wineries identify the key energy efficiency opportunities and assess the business case for investing in energy-efficient equipment and process upgrades. The toolkit helps wineries to build a commercially sound business case in a two stage approach that covers the technical applicability and then the business feasibility. 

In the first stage, the WEST guides users through a 3-step approach in each of the major areas of energy consumption across wineries (e.g. Refrigeration, Pumping, Hot water etc.) to help them (i) evaluate options to optimise current equipment efficiency, (ii) explore options to upgrade key equipment, and (iii) collect the data necessary to design the appropriate energy-efficiency solutions. 

Secondly, the WEST provides guidance to help wineries undertake a commercial assessment of each of the opportunities, which considers the possible benefits (e.g. energy costs, labour and maintenance costs, productivity, inventory management, volume, product quality), costs associated with upgrade (purchase costs, ramp-up costs and maintenance costs), and the capability of the business to manage the implementation.


About the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit project:

In September 2012, SAWIA received funding from the Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism's Energy Efficiency Information GrantsProgram to develop and deliver a user friendly Winery Energy Saver Toolkitand expert guidance to the SA and Australian wineries. Theproject was a partnership with Zero Waste SA and provided wine businesses with the necessary ‘do it yourself’ tools and guidance to identify energy efficiency opportunities through equipment replacement and upgrades. The toolkit also helps wineries to develop business cases to aid decision-making to invest in these improvements.  The project fostered peer-to-peer learning opportunities through workshops, webinars and industry case study examples. In addition, the project linked local wine businesses to appropriate State and Federal Government support programs to aid the purchase and implementation of energy-efficient equipment. Workshops and webinars were held in the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills, South East, McLaren Vale, Adelaide and Riverland regions throughout June to September 2013. 

The webinar session of 18 June 2013 was recorded and is available for viewing below: 

 A copy of the slides presented at the webinar on 18 June 2013 can be downloaded here.


Other resources relating to energy efficiency include:


This Activity received funding from the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.