Treasured old vineyards


Located an hour’s drive South-East of Adelaide, Langhorne Creek is home to treasured old vineyards growing on rich, fertile soils nourished by the Angas and Bremer Rivers. The first vines in the region were planted by Frank Potts in the 1850’s. His descendants, and those of several other pioneering Langhorne Creek families, still own and manage many of Langhorne Creek’s top wineries to this day.

The rich alluvial floodplains provide plenty of nutrition for the vines, creating grapes full of flavour. But Langhorne Creek’s dominant climatic feature is the breeze which comes off the giant Lake Alexandrina, a short drive south of the vineyards. Each afternoon, the breeze blows out across the region giving the vines welcome respite from the sun and helping create wines which are elegant and beautifully textured with excellent aging potential. 

Long-renowned for contributing grapes to big-name wines from other regions, Langhorne Creek has now firmly established itself as a premier Australian wine region producing some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Shiraz and Verdelho in the country. 

Cellar doors range from historic homesteads to modern marvels of architecture. Broad, sweeping views across the vineyards are also in healthy supply. 

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