Australia's Wine Heartland

Located just over two hour’s drive north-east from Adelaide is the Riverlanda collection of townships settled on the Murray River. It is the largest grape-growing region in Australia and responsible for around 30% of Australia’s annual grape crush and 50% of South Australia’s. 

The agricultural history of the Riverland from the 1830’s onwards has seen production of all manner of produce including citrus, stone fruits, olives and nuts along with table and wine grapes. The Riverland is also home to a rich multicultural history – early pioneers of the region the Chaffey Brothers, were Canadian and scores of European migrant families made the Riverland their home and set up farms through the late 20th century.  

The Riverland is also proving its adaptability in responding to climate and water-related challenges through the planting of new varieties well-suited to the warmer and drier growing conditions faced. 

Blessed with the natural resource and beauty of the Murray, there are also a great number of events throughout the year which incorporate wine, produce and river-based activities. 

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