Reasons to join SAWIA


Leadership & Advocacy

You will benefit from strong leadership and advocacy that achieves best possible outcomes for your wine business.


Employment, Work health & Safety

Receive accurate, friendly and timely advice across a broad range of matters (including employment, work health and safety).


Relevant Industry News

Be up-to-date with crucial industry news and issues that affect you and your business.


Workshops & Seminars

Be prepared and informed through our range of workshops and seminars.


Exciting Opportunities

Build your brands through exciting promotion and market development opportunities.


Cost efficiences

Reduce your business costs (including energy options) and maximise your water resources.


Membership categories

Membership: Open to any person, firm or company, manufacturing for sale Australian wine, wine products, brandy, grape spirits or grape juice or growing winegrapes for the manufacture of such product.

Associate membership: Open to persons substantially interested in the promotion of Australian wine or wine industry and in the production or sale by wholesale of Australia wine, wine products, brandy, grapes, grape spirit or grape juice, who, in the opinion of members, shall have aims or objects substantially the same as the aims or objects of the association.


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General information

Visit 'Our Services' for helpful information and keep up-to-date with developments via our News section.


Membership Subscription Form 2019-2020 (Your subscription is calculated on three components - total hectares grown, tonnes crushed and value of wine sales in South Australia. There is a minimum subscription rate per annum and there is also a maximum. This process ensures an equitable spread of fees across all sizes of businesses.)


"I've got the chance to say, these are my views and concerns. Therefore you do have the chance to have a voice as a small business. For smaller players I think it's invaluable these are people who know what they're talking about."

Steven Todd, Kay Brothers