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Sector Agreement


Climate Change & Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007

In 2007, South Australia enacted the Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act, making SouthAustralia the first place in Australia to legislate targets to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The legislation sets out three targets based around reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the proportion of renewable energy generated and consumed in South Australia.

Wine Industry Sector Agreement 2008-2013

As part of the Act, the South Australian Wine Industry Association and the Wine Grape Council SA entered into the first Sector Agreement with the State Government in 2008. This project informed the wine industry of issues surrounding climate change while encouraging and assisting industry to measure and report their carbon footprint.

The first stage of the project informed, educated and created industry awareness through development of an Information Package and Regional Information Sessions.  The Regional Information sessions were well attended with over 270 people attending across 7 regions. 

The second stage involved hands on application of the Australian Wine Carbon Calculator, and then collation of industry-wide data on emissions.  

The Australian Wine Carbon Calculator (AWCC) and User Guide are tools to calculate greenhouse gas emissions and are available for download from this page.  The AWCC is based on the International Wine Carbon Calculator and was developed in conjunction with the Winemakers' Federation of Australia, and uses Australian relevant data.

The results of the data have been summarised in the Key Project Outputs 2008-2013 document (see Resource section on this page).

The Wine Industry Sector Agreements are available for download in the Resources section of this page.

For further information, please contact SAWIA.