SAWIA responds to Labour Hire Licensing Bill

Monday, Sep 11, 2017

SAWIA has made a submission to the State Government on the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017. SAWIA takes compliance with industrial and other laws very seriously and provides ongoing advice, guidance and services to wine industry employers on the risks and obligations for host employers when engaging the services of labour hire providers. However, we have serious concerns with the provisions of the Bill.

Given our concerns we are unable to support the Bill in its current form. Extensive amendments are required in order for SAWIA to be able to support the Bill.

Key concerns with the Bill, include:

  • the broad definition of “labour hire services” extending to a multitude of “non-labour hire arrangements”;
  • excessive, costly and impractical reporting requirements;
  • the lack of a statutory review of the law;
  • ability to suspend or cancel a licence for minor, technical and trivial contraventions; and 
  • excessive powers of entry and inspections.

For details of submission, please download the full submission