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Employment Advice and Assistance

The employment landscape in the wine industry is increasingly demanding. The South Australian Wine Industry Association has a specialist team with wine industry experience to provide the skills, advice and assistance when you need it. 

To avoid unncessary problems and costs, and to genuinely do the right thing, it is essential to know what you are doing or to know someone who does. 

Our consultancy services are available to all Australian wineries, whether or not they are SAWIA members. As a member of SAWIA you benefit from preferential consultancy rates, together with free access to advice or assistance. 

We also offer regional training and workshops and can tailor training to individual needs. 

How we can help

We aim to provide practical advice, offer strategic solutions and help you develop your own in-house systems and knowledge. We have extensive experience accross human resources and recruitment and industrial relations. 

Our Services in a Nutshell

SAWIA provides its members:

    • handling sensitive and confidential employment issues; 
    • with regular and timely updates about actual and proposed legislative changes;
    • interpretation and application of legislation and industrial instruments (awards and agreements)
    • changes to the Wine Industry Award 2010 and other relevant industry awards, including wage sheets with wages and hourly rates of pay. 
    • with representation before Fair Work Australia in relation to changes to Awards and other employment related matters which affect employers;
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