The growing of grapes and the making of quality wine is dependent upon an adequate supply of pristine valuable natural resources – soil, water, air and sunshine. Respecting these resources and using them efficiently means that we all pay less in the long term. Being more efficient with your resource use will help you to progress your business sustainably in the future.

SAWIA has a strong track record as an industry leader and innovator in environmental sustainability, and  including:

  • A Finalist in the Industry and Business Category  of the SA Climate Leaders Awards in 2016
  • Sustaining Success” - a national strategy for environmental sustainability in the wine industry
  • Convening the biannual Australian Wine Industry Environment Conference since 2000
  • And now, recognising member's achievements through the SAWIA Environmental Excellence Awards

SAWIA seeks to provide services to assist members in implementing environmentally sustainable business practices.  Key to this strategy is providing advice and assistance on environmental compliance and regulatory impacts of matters ranging from carbon price, waste management, winery licensing, and packaging waste.

SAWIA's Environment Committee is instrumental in developing policy and guiding the activities that support members' sustainability.

 Read more on the Resources section of this page. Some of the guidance documents available for members include:

  • Leading Environmental Practice Bulletins about best management in areas including Energy, Water, and Biodiversity
  • Summaries of industry seminars, for example the Understanding the electricity market seminar.

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