SAWIA submission on WFA's Entwine 'refresh'

Tuesday, Jun 9, 2015

SAWIA supports WFA’s Entwine ‘refresh’

The Winemaker’s Federation of Australia recently released a Discussion Paper on Environmental Sustainability in the Australian wine industry that sought feedback on a number of proposed changes to the Entwine program. SAWIA supports a systems management approach to improved environmental performance and considers that the proposed ‘refresh’ of Entwine should assist in increasing the rate of improvement of environmental performance of South Australian wineries. Whilst SAWIA considers that the participation target of 100% by 2019 is ambitious, the ‘refreshed’ program should nevertheless encourage increased participation rates because:

  • The proposed tiered approach reduces the barriers to entry.
  • The proposal provides for the use of a logo and provision of benchmark data, both of which should add value to participants.