SAWIA Finalist in SA Climate Leaders Awards

Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016

SAWIA is proud to have been announced as a finalist in The Premier’s Climate Change Council’s SA Climate Leaders Awards 2016. The awards recognise individuals, groups and partnerships who are involved with adapting to the effects of climate change and taking advantage of the opportunities of climate change action, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting South Australia’s transition to a low carbon State and raising awareness of climate change issues and actions to address them.

SAWIA is a finalist the Industry and Business category of the awards. A significant outcome of the environmental activities of SAWIA has been to instil cultural change in its members. But there is a much wider benefit - such engagement provides the South Australian wine sector with tangible resources to actively demonstrate how the industry engages in environmental issues and provides assistance in how the sector promotes itself domestically and globally.

The wine industry has the benefit of having a perception of a green industry and strong environmental performance is an expectation of global markets. When linked to the place of origin through the industry's Label Integrity Program it also has the potential to have a beneficial impact on South Australian as a destination and place to do business. 

The judging panel states: "From assisting wineries of all sizes to identify energy 'hot-spots' and reduce emissions, to putting a spotlight on environmental and climate excellence through their annual Environmental Awards, SAWIA's work has resulted in immediate and lasting environmental benefits focussed on water, electricity, greenhouse gas emissions and waste reduction.

Their leadership has also helped create an ethos of continual environmental improvement in the South Australian wine industry and their projects have helped provide material evidence of industry's strong environmental credentials. This has the potential flow-on benefit of building a competitive market advantage within the industry, while promoting the benefits of South Australia as a clean, green destination and place to do business."

For more information visit The Premier’s Climate Change Council.