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Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner

To request a copy of the Manufacturing Drawings and SOP please contact           

(08) 82229277 or email admin@winesa.asn.au

The Manufacturing Drawings and SOP for the Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner are Available Free to all Wine Industry participants!

The Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner is not only able to be adopted throughout the viticulture industry, but all agriculture industries that involve wire trellis and in particular general fencing.

With the aid of the storage racks and purpose built Wire Spinner framework the “concept” is to mechanically  move (with a forklift) the coils of wire from the delivery vehicle to the custom built wire spinner without the need to do any manual lifting.

Please note that the intellectual property in this engineering concept and the associated manufacturing drawings remain the property of the industry members who initially provided it to SAWIA.  Should you have any questions about this issue please contact SAWIA.

SAWIA is pleased to launch a new tool involving the manufacturing drawings and a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), for a Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner that is used for vineyard development where trellis and fencing is erected to support vines. 

The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has for many years played an active and vital role in improving occupational health, safety and welfare outcomes for wine industry employers.  SAWIA provides leadership, support, advice and a range of resources and tools to assist our members with a variety of different safety issues.

Our role has, with the support of our members and OHSW Committee, seen us review and make submissions on key OHS legislation both in South Australia and nationally.  Further to that we deliver tailored OHSW information to our members, including issuing pertinent safety alerts, industry training and developing safety initiatives.

In the pursuit of our role SAWIA invited any engineering ideas from wine industry members in 2010 that would assist the industry and provide injury management improvements in the workplace.  One industry member company provided the concept of a vehicle mounted wire spinner.  SAWIA took this concept and successfully sought external funding from the Member Incentive Program operated by Employers Mutual Limited (EML).

These manufacturing drawings and SOP have been developed and made available for wine industry businesses to have a Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner built without incurring any manufacturing drafting costs.

Lifting wire coils onto a wire spinner is a common activity in the vineyard when developing a vineyard, redeveloping, replanting, or regrafting vines. This activity is usually done by two people manually lifting wire coils individually onto a wire spinner that is attached to a vehicle. The load can be significant to any person especially when it involves lifting an average of 60kg.  There has been a history of injuries with lifting the heavy wire coils and recently there was a serious accident that resulted in 2 employees getting injured.

The development of this concept is considered by SAWIA and EML as beneficial to reduce the cost and frequency of manual handling injuries related to lifting heavy coils of wire on to wire spinners in vineyard operations. If this system is implemented it will eliminate one aspect of heavy manual handling that is undertaken within the vineyard and other places of work. 

SAWIA project managed the creation of the concept with guidance from its OHSW Committee.  Cadgile Engineering were engaged to produce the manufacturing drawings and SOP.

Having officially launched the manufacturing drawings and SOP for a Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner in presentations to 6 wine regions during August 2011, SAWIA are now pleased to advise that copies of the manufacturing drawings and SOP are available to both grape growers and wineries.

Features of the Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner and Storage Rack System

  • It is capable of being fastened and operated from a trailer, tray-top or ute, that includes a storage rack system that can effectively cater for various types / grades of wire;
  • The Wire Spinner is accompanied with a storage rack system that eliminates the requirement for manual handling aspect of lifting heavy coils of wire (60kg average per coil).  This is done by the user being able to use a forklift to unload the wire coils (using a forklift) from a delivery truck and placed into purpose built storage racks;
  • The storage rack, loaded with wire coil, is then lifted by forklift onto the Wire Spinner and locked into place. The wire coil is then rolled and placed onto a the wire spinner spool device eliminating the manual handling aspect of this activity;
  • The storage rack has capacity for nine (9) coils of wire, plus two (2) coils on the wire spinners giving a total capacity of eleven (11) coils of wire;
  • The storage rack is secured to the base framework with a latch that clips the two together;
  • The Wire Spinner is 1 metre in width and 1.8 metres in length;
  • It has one (1) or two (2) spinner capability, with a Barb Wire spool included as well;
  • The Wire Spinner and storage rack has a total weight capacity of 820 kg  inclusive of  eleven (11) coils of wire, and one (1) barbwire coil OR approximately 130 kg for the Wire Spinner unit and storage rack with no wire coils.
  • The wire spinner spools can operate in different directions simultaneously so the user does not have to load the coils in any particular way;
  • The wire spinner spool has a cover that extends down over the sides eliminating potential entanglement areas;
  • It has a tension activated brake system to avoid overspin from occurring, and a steel spring applies even pressure to the coil brackets which acts as the brake system;
  • It is designed to take all types and grades of wire up to 60kg per coil, which have roughly same coil diameter;
  • It is designed so that the user can either manually pull the wire out of the spinner OR it can be fixed to a solid post and driven at no more than 10km p/hr;
  • Wire Spinner unit operates on a horizontal axis, and is designed so that it spins above the tailgate whilst it is closed.

Manufacturing Drawings and Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

The Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner is used for vineyard development where trellis and fencing is erected to support vines.  

Manufacturing drawings for the following:

  1. Storage rack system that can effectively cater for various types / grades of wire; 
  2. Vehicle Mounted Wire Spinner unit; capable of being fastened to a trailer, tray-top and/or ute. It can be easily dismantled to affix to the relevant vehicle safely.
  3. An SOP to accompany the manufacturing drawings to ensure that the correct procedure to use the Wire Spinner is followed, and thereby eliminating the manual handling of the wire coil from the process.