Wine Industry agrees on a plan for industry reform

Friday, Dec 11, 2015

“Grape and Wine 2015” is an initiative that was established after a meeting of state and national chairs of various wine organisations held in November 2014, including representatives from all states and many regional associations, growers, winemakers and service providers.

34 wine industry leaders from across Australia gathered in Adelaide on 1 December as a follow on from the meeting held on 28 August of 40 wine industry leaders to discuss the urgency for industry organisation reform and agree on the next steps for how representative organisations can contribute to a return to profitability. 


South Australia (SAWIA and Wine Grape Council of South Australia) was represented by seven individuals including Ben Gibson, Jeremy Stevenson, Bruce Redman, Simon Berry, Wendy Allan, Peter Hill and Sami Gilligan.  Other South Australian representatives attended the meeting in various other capacities.


There was consensus reached that one wine industry organisation was worth pursuing and the working group is tasked with setting out how it could happen. 

The industry communique is attached for your information.