2016 State Government Business Missions

Friday, Jan 29, 2016

The State Government full calendar of trade related missions for 2016

The State Government has made available the full calendar of trade related missions for 2016, responding to a number of requests from SAWIA. While the dates are subject to change, the calendar gives wine exporters and people wishing to explore new or existing markets the ability to start planning for both inbound and outbound trade business activity. 

In the past, a number of wine businesses have expressed disappointment to have been in market just before or after these government trade visits. With this calendar, SAWIA members can now plan to participate or simply be aware of dates when the State Government may have staff or a Minister in the market of interest. 

The 2016 calendar includes inbound and/or outbound activities for a broad range of markets including China, SE Asia, USA, India, Japan and Korea. To register your interest in any of these missions, click here. 

SAWIA will continue to work with the Department of State Development seeking to enhance the opportunity for wine in these trade missions. Members should watch SAWIA’s newsletter for updates on the respective programs or to advise interest in a particular market visit. For more information, SAWIA members can contact Brian Smedley on 8222 9277 or brian@winesa.asn.au.