CIADE Expo, China wine promotion opportunity

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016

Invitation - China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo March 2017 (CIADE)

Australia has been designated as the feature country in 2017.

CIADE is particularly relevant to wine producers as a venue for seeking investors/distribution partners, as well as targeting Luzhou and other 3rd tier city wine markets.

Also unique to CIADE is that it is the only professional liquor exposition officially endorsed by the central government of the PRC.

Of particular interest for those Australian wine brands planning to attend Wine Australia’s promotion in Chengdu, CIADE ends 2 days prior to Chengdu commencement and is located only 250 kilometres from Chengdu, providing an additional cost and time efficient wine promotion opportunity in China.


See the attached CIADE 2017 Invitation for further information and RSVP details


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