20th Annual National Wine Industry Salary & Benefits Survey - Your definitive guide

Friday, Apr 26, 2019

Not sure how much to pay your employees or where you sit in the market place, looking to recruit or retain the right talent?

The 20th annual National Wine Industry Salary & Benefits Survey, produced by the South Australian Wine Industry Association, provides a wealth of information on a national and state basis.

This survey provides valuable comprehensive information about the wine industry’s salary and benefits practices and trends across 57 positions. This includes positions across winemaking, viticulture, sales, finance and many more

Register NOW to participate in providing your confidential data and enjoy a substantial discount off the cost of the final report.

The complete Wine Industry Salary and Benefits Survey results will be available on Friday 7th June 2019.

If you have any questions please contact Henrik Wallgren on (08) 8222 9277 or email henrik@winesa.asn.au

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