Smart is making money from your generator

Monday, Sep 23, 2019

Businesses that own and operate backup generators can reduce energy costs and unlock savings.

For example, Smart Machinery is a manufacturer that turned to Flow Power to power it's operations and unlock savings by:

  • Connecting to price signals in the market
  • Unlocking the value of its backup generators
  • Implementing effective demand response
  • Securing long-term low cost power to protect against increases in contract prices.

Transferring to a generator, Smart Machinery avoided higher electricity prices between 5pm and 10.30pm, reducing its energy costs by around $20,000. In the same time period, Smart Machinery earned more than $10,000 by exporting excess capacity back into the grid.

Flow Power sets up each customer with a site analysis to identify exactly how the most value can be unlocked from their energy. Flow Power then connect businesses to the actual price of power by passing on access to the wholesale market, and its low prices. 

Demand response programs for the summer of 2020 have now opened. Contact Nick Mercure (Business Development Manager) on 0438 956 435 or to find out more about how your business can unlock the value of demand response. See flyer attached for more information.