Wine industry wage increase above national average

Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

The recently released 2019 National Wine Industry and Salary Benefits Survey has found that wage increases in the Australian wine industry have been above the 2.3% average wage increase across the Australian economy.

Covering more than 1,900 employees across the Australian wine industry, the salary survey provides a wealth of information on salary and benefits practices and trends across 57 common wine industry positions.

Incentive pay, including bonuses and commissions, continues to form a significant part of the overall remuneration package for a number of positions including sales representatives, chief winemakers, chief viticulturists and operations managers.

However, for small businesses, incentive pay is less commonly provided.

When it comes to other benefits, cars, fuel card and professional subscriptions are most commonly provided.

If you are not sure how much to pay your key talent or where you sit in the market place to attract or retain the right talent, order your copy of the Salary Survey now.