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SAWIA's new Emerging Markets Program

Monday 28, Sep 2020

SAWIA's new Emerging Markets Program will help South Australian wine businesses determine what export markets may be right for them, undertake preparation and then enter new markets successfully. With assistance and funding from the Department of Trade and Investment, the program focusses on four emerging export markets for South Australia – Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and India – and includes the development of the following resources.

Market Intelligence
The first part of the Emerging Markets program is the development of a comprehensive market intelligence online resource, which provides up-to-date information about each market and the practicalities that surround exporting to that market. The development of an easy-to-digest resource will help to educate wine businesses, providing the tools to make informed decisions about which market or markets may best suit business goals and product range. 

Wine Education
The second part to the Emerging Markets program is the development of a turn-key South Australian wine education program for educating decision-makers (e.g. wine importers, buyers, distributors and hospitality professionals). The educational component of the program will be developed to highlight the personalities in our industry, the prestige and premium nature of our wine and the wine tourism experiences that can be offered when visiting South Australia. It will also include a template to showcase wine when in market.

For further information about this program, contact Claire Wald on 8222 9271 or