Essential tool for decision making


Climate change and Viticulture - Informing decision making at a regional level is a 48-page toolkit designed to assist grapegrowers, winemakers and regions understand what climate change may mean for them. The toolkit:

  • Outlines the main sources of information on climate change projections for viticultural regions and summarieses the likely impacts.
  • Guides the user through a stocktake of current resources including climate, water, soil and grape varieties.
  • Provides a simple but effective way of comparing different climate change scenarios to help demystify the impacts arising from a seemingly small rise in temperature.

Calculating your carbon footprint


The first step towards managing and reducing your carbon footprint is to measure it. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you do just that – the Australian Wine Carbon Calculator – an Excel spreadsheet that was originally developed by SAWIA and is now available from the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia website

Whilst the calculator does not calculate a full life cycle emissions footprint (it is limited to Scope 1 and 2 emissions for direct and electricity emissions), it is a good starting point.

SAWIA prepared a Guide to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction in 2010, which can be downloaded here and describes some simple steps to help you start reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.