Energy Demand Management

Helping you manage energy demand

SAWIA, in conjunction with Green Industries SA and 2XE, undertook a program to help South Australian wineries make better decisions about energy efficiency and reduce operational costs by taking control of winery electrical loads. A range of resources are below which will help you to save energy and lower costs.


The Winery Network Charges & Demand Management Guide was developed as a practical resource for wineries and includes information on electricity tariff structures, strategies and technologies that will help wineries to manage energy demand. Click here to download the guide.

Case studies on opportunities for implementation energy demand management strategies in wineries of a range of scale of operations were released in October 2019. Download documents on how four of South Australia's wineries have changed their energy demand:

Webinar and presentation slides 

Click on the video below for a recording of the Energy Demand Management webinar session, or click here for the presentation slides.

For more information, contact us, or the visit the website of Green Industries SA.