Bushfire Resource

Preparing, Responding and Recovering from Bushfires - a wine industry resource

The devastating fires of the 2019-20 summer reminded the grape and wine industry of the need to be prepared for catastrophic events. 

To assist, the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has created a new a wine industry focused bushfire resource to assist businesses before, during and after a bushfire event.

The new SAWIA bushfire resource: ‘Preparing, responding and recovering from bushfires. A wine industry resource and workbook’ is a practical tool to assist wine industry businesses in planning and organising themselves. 

The Resource is broken into three main elements consistent with the State and Federal government approaches to emergency management: Prepare, Respond and Recover. It guides businesses through worker and public safety, asset management and insurance, marketing and communications, human resources and operations.

An accompanying workbook contains a number of templates, checklists and other key documents relevant to the wine industry. For example, each wine business can create their own Bushfire Response Plan. 

While the resource and workbook focus on bushfire events, they can be applied to other emergencies with small modifications. 

The bushfire resource was created with support from the Country Fire Service of South Australia and contributions by Bentleys SA and MGA Insurance. Development and delivery of this activity is one part of the South Australian Wine Industry Development Program as administered by SAWIA, and is only possible from the support and funding provided by the South Australian Government through the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

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Bushfire Resource Book

Bushfire Workbook

Media Release 14 December 2020: Bushfire resource launched to help wine businesses