Your essential salary and benefits guide

The 2020 National Wine Industry Salary & Benefits Survey has now been completed. The full Survey Report, an essential resource for managers, is available now. Order your own copy now

Now in its 21st year, the Survey Report is the only wine industry specific salary survey resource and is an essential business planning tool. It gives business owners a competitive edge, helping them to know where they sit in the marketplace in relation to salaries and benefits, and assisting with recruiting and retaining the right staff.

This year 60 positions have been surveyed across the Australian wine industry, covering winemaking, viticulture, warehouse, sales, finance, marketing, human resources, administration and other positions typically not covered by any industrial awards.

The survey includes a separate report for small business (defined as business with revenue of <$10M per annum) covering key winemaking, viticulture and management positions. This allows smaller wine businesses to understand how they are positioned for recruiting and retaining employees.