Managing energy usage and costs

One of the key challenges for any wine business is to manage energy usage and costs. Energy costs account for 15% of total operating costs for wineries. Effective energy management is important for future competitiveness of all South Australian wineries. There are a number of important steps you can take towards successfully managing your energy inputs.

SAWIA has been advocating strongly for lower electricity costs. Efforts to date have resulted in savings on the cost of electricity for small and medium sized businesses.

Reduce your energy usage and costs
SAWIA can help your business to reduce energy usage and costs by helping you to:

  • Improve your understanding of electricity usage and bills. A simple guide is available here.
  • Better manage your energy demand.
  • Use less energy by becoming more efficient.
  • Buy smarter energy and/or generate your own electricity through SAWIA's Wine Industry Partners Flowpower and P4B Energy Solutions. 

Energy Demand Management Program
SAWIA, in conjunction with Green Industries SA and 2XE, has launched a new program to help South Australian wineries make better decisions for energy efficiency and reduce operational costs by taking control of winery electrical loads.

This project involves research into demand management strategies and technologies that can be deployed in the wine industry, and then sharing this information (including case studies) with the South Australian wine industry.

For more information, visit the News & Resources section of this website.

Winery Energy Saver Toolkit Program
Wineries of all sizes can now more easily identify and assess their opportunities to save energy costs and become more energy efficient by using the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit.

We have created a series of videos to introduce the toolkit, to show how Wirra Wirra is saving energy costs, and a quick outline of how you can use the toolkit: 

Introducing the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit

Case Study from the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit - Wirra Wirra Vineyards

How to use the Winery Energy Saver Toolkit

The toolkit contains step-by-step procedures, templates and resources to help wineries identify the key energy efficiency opportunities and assess the business case for investing in energy-efficient equipment and processes. The toolkit helps wineries to build a commercially sound business case in a two-stage approach that covers the technical applicability and then the business feasibility. 

In the first stage, the toolkit guides users through a 3-step approach in each of the major areas of energy consumption across wineries including:

  • Evaluating options to optimise current equipment efficiency.
  • Exploring options to upgrade key equipment. 
  • Collecting the data necessary to design appropriate energy-efficiency solutions. 

The toolkit then helps wineries to undertake a commercial assessment of each of the opportunities, which considers the possible benefits (e.g, reductions in energy, labour and maintenance costs), costs associated with upgrade (e.g., purchase, ramp-up and maintenance costs), and the capability of the business to manage the implementation.

For more information, visit the News & Resources section of this website.