Transitioning to an industry development focus

SAWIA has secured South Australian government funding of $250,000 per year until 2022, which when combined with industry funding, has been leveraged effectively to provide a broad range of Market and Industry Development initiatives over many years. These activities have helped to drive strong sales growth for the South Australian wine industry.

Following a change of South Australian Government in March 2018, a decision was made to transition the program to Industry Development and focus on improving the skills and capabilities of South Australian wine businesses to compete more successfully in the domestic and international market.

A range of new Industry Development initiatives is being launched, including business planning, financial literacy, business evolution and succession training and workshops.

Other planned activities include laneway promotional activity, regional branding and educational resources, vineyard production costing, biodiversity enhancement, regional capability building in media liaison and public speaking, digital marketing workshops, updating the South Australian Wine Story publication, regional water scoping and a 'Sharing the Luxe' program.