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SAWIA has secured South Australian government funding of $250,000 per year, which when combined with industry funding, has been leveraged effectively to provide a broad range of Market Development initiatives over many years. These activities have helped to underpin strong sales growth in a number of Asian markets. Domestically, successful initiatives included the first ever pop-up wine event in Adelaide, which proved to be a successful template for others to follow.


The Market Development program has also included a broad range of regional market development activities. A number of other initiatives, such as wine education in India, have helped to lay the groundwork for future market development activity.

Over the past year, following a change in State Government, the program has transitioned to a focus on Industry Development with the goal of improving the skills and capabilities of South Australian wine businesses to succeed in the domestic and international market. While this means less of a focus on direct market development activities, the new $2 million Wine Tourism program is already making a significant contribution to generating awareness and increasing visitation for South Australia's wine regions.