Essential tools for your workplace.

Contracts of employment are essential documents to manage arrangements on commencement, during the period of employment and on resignation or termination. If you are an employer who relies on a handshake (or even scribbled notes on the back of an envelope) then chances are you will have problems with employees somewhere along the way.

There are major benefits to be gained from having arrangements clearly documented. This starts by capturing anything that was discussed and committed to during the interview. In addition to the mandatory employment terms and conditions, the contract can clarify matters ranging from what happens if an employee does not turn up for work, through to what notice periods are required on resignation or termination.

Supporting an employment contract are workplace policies that provide the ground rules around the standards that are expected of all employees. A clearly documented framework helps employers manage staff more effectively by defining what is acceptable behaviour in the workplace. Workplace policies should cover off on a range of matters from managing work property to the circumstances in which you require an employee to provide a sick certificate.