Managing performance issues and business restructuring

Workplaces are influenced by the people working in them. Knowing how to have an open conversation with your employees is an important tool for maintaining engagement, for providing two-way feedback and for maximising their contribution and commitment to your business. Consultation within your workplace is essential for managing any changes.

A critical part of this process is conducting individual performance reviews with all employees at least once annually. This should be a formal or semi-formal meeting between the employee and the employer (owner, manager or supervisor) to discuss goals and progress, while identifying achievements, challenges, training and areas for improvement.

Issues relating to performance and conduct should be addressed in a timely manner. It may be necessary to instigate a performance management process to detail the non-performance issues and outline the expectations for improvement.

There are also times when businesses need to restructure operations and jobs. This can be as a result of the introduction of new technology, efficiency and productivity improvements, competitive forces, outsourcing or other internal or external factors. This may lead to a review of positions and redundancies.