Welcome to the National Wine Education and Training Centre (NWETC)

SAWIA has been conducting wine education classes in South Australia for more than 60 years. Through its our educational arm, National Wine Education and Training Centre (NWETC), we educate thousands of people each year.

The NWETC is not affiliated with any wine merchants or retailers, and our classes are supported by wine donations from members of the Australian industry. Click on the links below to go to our wine course website for all dates and information on upcoming courses.

Important reasons to do a course with the NWETC

  • Demystify the world of wine.
  • Discover your ability to taste, feel, smell and describe wine.
  • Meet like-minded wine enthusiasts in classes that are fun and interactive.
  • Learn to recognise and talk about aromas and flavours in wine.
  • Build confidence and knowledge to select wines in restaurants and wine stores